Search Engine Optimisation & PPC

Often when you search for a keyphrase on Google you will be returned paid ads at the top, sometimes shopping ads, perhaps a map with business listings and finally organic search results.

We can help you navigate this world of Search Marketing.

Web Page Optimisation

The bespoke websites we build and the content management system we use are designed to create a websites that dots all the i's and crosses all the t's when it comes to a search engine friendly website.

Beyond this we can work for you to target search engine traffic. This involves keyword research to evidence the actual phrases people are typing into search engines. Analysing competitors for those keywords and optimising your webpages and writing good web content.

Link Building

In addition to onsite optimisation we also help with link building - relevant links to your website are another measure Search Engines use to rank your website. Every industry is different - we will analyse your industry, look at your competitors and recommend organisations and associations you should be linked with.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Ads & Shopping (for ecommerce) is an effective and instant way to get search results. It can be used at the start of a project to "dip your toe in the water" of Search Engine Marketing and we find a successful campaign will use landing pages to deliver a customer to web pages relevant to their user joruney.

Typically a business will need to set aside a campaign budget that allows for time to drive a campaign to success. We will set up and monitor a PPC campaign that targets relevant keywords to relevant locations to display compelling ad text and maximises your return on the ad spend.

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